Essi is the main protagonist of X-note and lives on her own in an apartment.Essi's mother,Emma,left her a necklace which she later on discovers as a USB flash drive which contained a locked folder called 'X-note'.

Her mother died in a car crash ten years ago,questionably with her in it and a mysterious boy.

Essi has lived a normal life until a young man he meets named 'Yuon' invites her to 'Xen insitute' to investigate a murder case and a mysterious disappearance.She was of course,reluctant at first until Yuon tells her he knows of her powers and mentions X-note.

She agreed,hoping to unlock the folder.


Essi has long black hair,with a shade of green.She ties some of her hair back using gray ribbons.She wears a black dress with black low-cut boots and black stockings and wears the USB necklace her mother gave her.



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